Baofeng UV-5R V2+ Red w/ 3800mah Extended Battery Dual-Ban,P0_2Fae_b_4mK

15 Dec 2014

Baofeng UV-5R V2+ Red w/ 3800mah Extended Battery Dual-Ban Baofeng UV-5R V2+ Black w/ 3800mah Extended Battery Dual-Band 136-174/400-480 MHz FM Ham Two-way Radio (Electronics) First off! If you are looking for a GMRS or FRS radio, these will work on those Frequency’s after you program them in. But! remember that you will need a License for the General Mobile Radio Service or GMRS frequency’s, also i should point out that while you don’t need a License for the FRS frequency’s it is illegal to use them on this radio because this radio will only go as low as one watt and it is only legal to transmit at 500 milliwatt or 1/2 watt on FRS!If you want this radio as a Ham 2 meter or 70 cm band radio, then you have found a low cost gem! The frequency programing can be a bit of a pain, but! if you get the CHIRP software and the right USB cable, it is a breeze! You must have Technician or higher ham License to use on the 2 meter and 70 cm bands!!I did some testing on this radio and the true output is 4 watts and not the 5 as stated elsewhere! Not a big deal! The build on the radio is very good and should last. All functions work as they should.In simplex mode, this radio will transmit about 1 mile in a suburb type setting and much better with clear line of site! In duplex mode i can hit most repeaters in my area with my after market rubber duck antenna, the farthest being about 10 miles away! With my dual band J-pole antenna at 23 feet in the air i can hit repeaters at about 40 miles away with the 4 watts this radio puts out. Not bad!!Over all! A great radio for very little money. A great buy!Update: 8/2/2014 Its been about a month and i have been using the UV-5R V2+ daily for hours at a time. I use it as a walk around and as a base and mobile radio unit. I have had zero problems with both the radio and the 3800mah battery pack it came with! So far this radio is solid!! Good cheap fun

JVC KD-HDR71BT CD Receiver, Bluetooth, HD Radio, SAT Radio JVC KD-HDR71BT CD Receiver, Bluetooth, HD Radio, SAT Radio Ready, Dual USB, Works with Pandora (Electronics) I had originally purchased a Pioneer but had to return it because it was extremely bright at night, making it hard to see the road.I went to the store and tried playing with several different brands. Come to find out… several of the JVC brand radios have done an excellent job of allowing you to control not only the color options, but more importantly, the brightness level!Not only can you control the brightness to make it dimmer at night… but it actually has daytime and nighttime preset modes. So you can perfectly configure the brightness/color for each of these 2 modes separately. Then you can just switch between the modes as you please. Additionally, it has an “auto” mode. When you are installing this radio you can splice in the dimmer wire to the one in your vehicle. Now, when I twist the knob (built into my car from the factory) to make the dashboard a little dimmer, it will also automatically make the JVC radio switch into NightTime mode. PERFECT!!!It is such a shame that many radios do not provide this feature.Anyway, after discovering JVC provides this feature… then it was just a matter of deciding which model of JVC radio to buy. I researched for a while and came upon this one here. And it has worked really well for me so far…. have used it for a month now.PROS:. ** Extremely-well engineered brightness controls. HD radio sounds better than I expected - really sharp and clear. (And I am not even an audio enthusiast… just a regular user). Easy access mute button. Just press the big volume button — very nice. (Or pauses your BT-streamed music.). Comes with the needed BlueTooth adapter. (some other JVC radios don’t… and you have to buy it separately!!!). Can invoke Siri Voice Assistant on my iPhone by holding the Phone button on radio for about 2 seconds and letting go.. Can stream music over Blue Tooth just fine from my iPhone. Quality sounds good.. Can tag songs you hear on HD radio channels by pressing button on radio. Stores it on your iPhone so you can actually remember it and buy it later!CONS:. The external mic included with this kinda sucks. I tried putting it behind the steering wheel, but that didn’t work. I put it on my visor and now it works with about 92% success rate. It is certainly OK now and my parents can hear me. However, when I am invoking Siri I have to speak very loud and clearly…

ROADPRO RP-235 Adjustable Universal Mounting Bracket for C ROADPRO RP-235 Adjustable Universal Mounting Bracket for CB/Ham Radio & Scanners (Automotive) Solid units that come with the necessary nuts/bolts etc. Well made and will last. Not a light weight bracket but very strong. Highly recommend and the $6.50 pricing I paid on Amazon is right in order.

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