CAR Coiled Power Cord Replacement for Escort Passport 8500,P0_2Fae_b_4mK

15 Dec 2014

CAR Coiled Power Cord Replacement for Escort Passport 8500 CAR Coiled Power Cord Replacement for Escort Passport 8500, Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector (Electronics) When the cable that came with the detector started to come apart I chose this instead of the much more expensive OEM cable because I realized that I never look at the lights on the plug. If you can’t remember when you did either then this is the better choice. The cable quality is good - it’s not a cheap cable that “remembers” being stretched. Very happy with it.

Pyle PDIW57 In-Wall / In-ceiling Dual 5.25-Inch Enclosed S Pyle PDIW87 In-Wall / In-Ceiling Dual 8-Inch Enclosed Speaker System, Directional Tweeter, 2-Way, Flush Mount, White (Pair) (Electronics) I own and have owned lots of Pyle, Pyramid, PylePro, TechnicalPro etc products over the years, including a lot of in wall stuff.when a pair of these PDIW87s came up on warehouse deals for $39/pair I decided I’d give them a listen.they arrived two days later with some cosmetic damage as well as one of the two tweeters inside the speaker, before I get to how they sound and their design I do want to say that when I ordered these, I ordered an Amp with them and Amazon shipped them together in the same box with these, and because of that, the plastic edges were damaged on both speakers, not Pyle’s fault and Amazon took care of me as they always do.the loose tweeter. I expected from the other reviews and it is a design flaw HOWEVER, its very easy to fix. remove four philips screws on the main 8″ driver and press the tweeter back into its hole with some decent force. it will stay there on its own, but if you want, apply some adhesive to it to keep it there. after that, re install the bass driver and you’re good.the design is actually pretty good. the spring push connectors are really the higher-end industry standard and this has them. the crossover network looks of decent quality and is attached with adequate thickness wiring. the speaker is designed to be installed in a 2×4 cavity and fit perfectly, but what I love about this speaker is pretty simple. it has its own enclosure, therefore you can install these in locations where you would otherwise need a vapor barrier box in the wall pre construction and those never sound that great anyways. Pyle says the tweeter is rotatable. it is not. place it where you want it, then glue it and you’ll be happy!moving along to the sound. these sound much better than most of their PDIW line and appear to be built a little more carefully as well in some cases. these definitely have sound on par with Micca’s MS-8 speakers as well as Polk’s 8″ in wall offerings. not bass heavy, but the bass is there and has presence. highs are a bit lively, but are never shrill enough to be unpleasant. mids are there, but not exceptional. very good for a speaker in this price range, or even one step above.overall, I recommend them, but expect to have at least one of the two tweeters fall inside the enclosure upon arrival (they’re inexpensive, so its a small price to pay).the end.

DB Link Double Shielded Competition Series CLY2MZ 2 Male T DB Link Double Shielded Competition Series CLY2MZ 2 Male To 1 Female RCA Y Adapter (Electronics) These are made better than the most expensive that I looked at when going to Radio Shack and a couple of other places. The cable is thick and the plugs fit perfect in my receiver with no play … like others I’ve used. Great price and Great Product!!

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