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15 Dec 2014

High Power Door Lock Actuator 2 Wire High Power Door Lock Actuator 2 Wire Cheap and easy replacement for aftermarket power door lock conversions. After 6 years my initial actuators wore out and I got one of these to replace it. Works perfect, easy to install with the included bracket. Only downside is that the wires were shorter than my original so I had to splice in some extra wire to hook it up. Not a big problem but longer wires would have been nicer. Also make sure you wire them the right way, otherwise you will be unlocking your door when you think you are locking it. With only two wires, you have a 50% chance of guessing right the first time.I now need to replace the other door’s actuator 6 months later, should have just ordered two at the same time.

Jl Audio C2-350x 3.5-Inch 2 Way Speakers Jl Audio C2-350x 3.5-Inch 2 Way Speakers (Electronics) These speakers sound Ammmmazzzing!!!!! Best replacements bar none********* I would recommend these to Chrysler 300C owners, a fantastic upgrade from the Boston Premiums.

Digital Flash Voice Recorder - Black Digital Flash Voice Recorder - Black (Office Product) I’m in the college and mainly using this recorder for the lectures, and frequently for performances or concerts.I know, this recorder is expensive, and this product is more close to a music+voice recorder than just a voice recorder.Olympus LS-14, which has even more professional look, is cheaper than this.Roland R-05, which has amazing quality(and wonderful brand name!), is $199.I gave a shot on all three of these, and picked this, because both LS14 and R05 are amazing in music recording, but not on voice recording. (also, their sizes are gigantic, compare to this one.)With SX1000, when u record a lecture, or just a voice, you can choose to use the mono-mic, which located in between the middle of stereo mics. (center, top.)You can also control the sensitivity according to the distance of you from the speaker. (it’s like a zoom feature in the camera.)When you record something like an orchestra, a concert, or whatever stereo, pick a great spot to record, and choose to use the stereo-mic. (also you can change the sensitivity, just like in the mono.)Quality of the sound is amazing. seriously, just amazing. wav file with LPCM 96/24 is just wonderful. Clear isn’t enough to describe it.But as the other guy said before, 96/24 is not (and never) for you if you want to record your everyday life for 24/7. File size is big. For example, 3:30 long recording file is about 130mb. Usually, a 4minutes length of music file is around 8-9mb. (320kbps). When your iTunes musics have bit rates of somewhere around 256-320 kbps, a 96/24 file has 4608kbps.( musics in CD have 1411kbps) No, that isn’t for 24/7 recording. I don’t use it even for lectures. There is no point for listening to a professor’s voice in super duper hyper clear sound unless you have a huge crush. :(In stereo mode, I really couldn’t find any difference with LS14 and R05. (using wav file, and with er4s in-ear monitor.) I tried these recorders in few rehearsals, and all of them had a great quality. (here, i’m talking about 96/24 mode.)In mono mode, sx1000 was way better than the others. huge difference. clear, higher resolution, and wonderful quality.Quality of the product itself is good. I’ve seen many lousy voice recorders with cheap finishings. This one isn’t like that. Well built, and the slide mechanism of usb plug was great. It has some kind of spring in it, and makes the movement very smooth. Also, the mechanism close a lid when the plug is in

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