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    High Power Door Lock Actuator 2 Wire,P0_2Fae_b_4mK

    High Power Door Lock Actuator 2 Wire High Power Door Lock Actuator 2 Wire Cheap and easy replacement for aftermarket power door lock conversions. After 6 years my initial actuators wore out and I got one of these to replace it. Works perfect, easy to install with the included bracket. Only downside is that the wires were shorter than my original so I had to splice in some extra wire to hook it up. Not a big problem but longer wires would have been nicer. Also make sure you wire them the right way, otherwise you will be unlocking your door when you think you are locking it. With only two wires, you have a 50% chance of guessing right the first time.I now need to replace the other door’s actuator 6 months later, should have just ordered two at the same time. Betsey Johnson Lace Panel


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